GOD is so awesome- I must say
He gave me the answer to my problem
In just one day.

Then he gave me good news which
I was longing to hear.
That my new grand Childs heart is in repair.

I also found two nephews on the internet
And I can’t get over that yet.

We were shown that misfortunes
Usually come in threes.
But on this particular day
He just wanted to please.

So he put things in reverse
So that I can see- that not all misfortunes
Are really meant to be.

GOD is so awesome – on that I can’t deny
And on his love, I do rely.

Haven’t there been times in your life
That you was at the end of your rope
And things was going so bad
And you thought that you couldn’t cope.

You felt like water swirling in a funnel
Then you saw the light at the end of that tunnel.
You was no longer drowning, and your head
Was at the top, and the headaches that you had
All seemed to stop.

“That” is my awesome GOD!