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English is the most popular major among students who are right out of high school. You can broaden your mind or prepare for your academic future with this list of free English literature courses.

Studying English literature through a formal campus-based program can provide students with a degree and an enriching college experience. But there are other reasons for studying English lit.

Many of the people who study English literature go on to become journalists, novelists or poets. Others go on to pursue advanced degrees in teaching, law, business or another field of study. Studying English literature can broaden your mind and improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This is true whether you study on your own or though a formal program.




Nagising nga akong tila nangangarap na isang anino
sa maputing tabing ng aming kahapong nilikha ng tao;
sa pagkakawalay sa isang magulang ay waring natuto
nahawi ang ulap na nagbigay silim sa kanyang talino.

Siya’y naparuol walang abug-abog sa rugtong ng tali,
ang kinahinatnan ay signos ng ulap ng panunubali;
kanyang kaluluwang nakitalamitam sa dilim na tangi
ay nakipanaghoy sa luha ng anghel habang nagmumuni.

Kay lungkot isipin ang gayong kasaklap na pagkakalayo
na kung gunitain pati hininga ko ay halos mapugto;
at pati ang langit ng bagong umaga’y waring nagdurugo
at ang dapithapon kung pagmamasdan ko ay naghihingalo.

Haplos ng pag-ibig ang naiwan niya sa supling ng puso,
kanyang inulila’y may bakat ng luhang sa pisngi dumapo;
kay Ina ang buhay ay ibayong saklap sa pagkasiphayo
at may nakalaang tiising pasanin sa kanya’y titimo.

Ngayon kung babalik sa pinag-iwanang lubid na putol,
dadamhi’y pangako sa luksang pangarap na tinatalunton;
tataas ang mukha’t lalong kikisig pa sa taglay na suot
at damdaming ama’y hahanga ngang lubos sa sariling hinlog!

Education is relevant for a person to be successful.
Education empowers a person to become a leader.
Great opportunities are presented to professionals.
The future of a Person can be unpredictable if she lacks education;
an uneducated person does not have the knowledge
of what the future has to offer for her.
Education is an essential tool to make a pleasant and stable living out of a simple quotidian life.

High Education contributes to the increase of the graduate
in her social economic level.
Education is the main Factor for one to become wealthy,
Millionaire, or even

Education offers the opportunity for a person
to become the owner of a mansion.
Education brings one the opportunity to please herself.
Perhaps, getting to travel often to interesting countries/places, or
to be the owner of the latest new brand sport car.

Education enables one to reach success.
Education makes one become influential.
Education gives one the opportunity to be
at the top with the highest wage.
Education gives one self-fulfillment.

A thief can take away money, a car, a property from a person.
but is definitely impossible to take education away from someone.
Education is worth $10,000 $50,000 $1000,000
0ne puts it value!
Education is certainly the main Element to become successful
and overall to reach one’s goals and dreams.

GOD is so awesome- I must say
He gave me the answer to my problem
In just one day.

Then he gave me good news which
I was longing to hear.
That my new grand Childs heart is in repair.

I also found two nephews on the internet
And I can’t get over that yet.

We were shown that misfortunes
Usually come in threes.
But on this particular day
He just wanted to please.

So he put things in reverse
So that I can see- that not all misfortunes
Are really meant to be.

GOD is so awesome – on that I can’t deny
And on his love, I do rely.

Haven’t there been times in your life
That you was at the end of your rope
And things was going so bad
And you thought that you couldn’t cope.

You felt like water swirling in a funnel
Then you saw the light at the end of that tunnel.
You was no longer drowning, and your head
Was at the top, and the headaches that you had
All seemed to stop.

“That” is my awesome GOD!

I Will be Your Friend

My friend
when inside you are hurting
and only I know
I wish the forces of nature
were at my command
I would reverse time
and make you smile

when deep inside you
a storm is raging
and your soul is but a boat
upon the lonely seas
I want to calm the waves
and bring you home

I am always here if you need me
to cry with you if you need me
to laugh with you
to pray with you
to run with you
to live life with you
You are my friend
I will never leave you

When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots are become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the desire to mate every second of the day. It is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every part of your body. No… don’t blush. I am telling you some truths. For that is just being in love; which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over, when being in love has burned away…

I swear to you, I will always be there for you
There’s nothing I would do, to loose you.
I promise you, all my life, I will live for you.
We will make it throug
Forever we will be together
You and Me
When I hold you, nothing else could compare to you
With all my heart
You know
I’ll always be right there next to you.

I believe in us, nothing else could have mean
so much
You’re the one I trust
My time has come, we’re not to people, but
we are one.
Forever we will be together
And finaly a family

I got to know you, and nothing can compare to you
With all my heart, you know i’ll always love you.

Kaibigang tunay ay laging matapat,
ang tulong ay laan sa lahat ng oras.
Siya ay mabait at saka marangal
sa lahat ng saglit ay maaasahan.
Sa pangangailangan, siya’y laging handa
nang ang kaibiga’y hindi mapahiya.
Siya’y nakalaan kahit na magtiis
upang mapagbigyan, katotong matalik.
Kaibigang lubos, kaibigang tapat
ay kayamanan din ang nakakatula

its me Jerlyn Gacer^_^

Life is every where
Life is a challenge
Life is a gift

Life is a chance
Life is a tragedy
Life is lonely
Life is pain

Life is full of frustration
Life is a mystery
Life is love
Life is made of hurt

Life is not a bed of roses
Life is a dance for you to dance
Life is every state of mind
What is life?

Life is a puzzle, solve it
Life is full of unexpected
Life is unexplainable